Hello World!

The idea of coming back to the blogging world has been with me for a while. I wrote a personal blog for years, then wrote a professional one when I started my adventure in IT – as a quality assurance specialist.

I really enjoyed writing down my thoughts and experiences I had on my QA path on https://adventuresinqaland.wordpress.com/. Unfortunately as time went on and my path started to change a little – breaks between posts got longer and longer and the imposter syndrome got me.

Now, I started feeling this need to write and share more – so I am going to do just that. Without the pressure or need to always write ground-breaking epiphanies – just to share my thoughts, experiences and ideas.

When I was thinking about a name for the blog and my activities I remembered how one person called me an „Agile Witch” as a compliment after a particularly hard session. I really liked that – in my native language witch [wiedźma] means „the one who knows”. It was used as a derogatory term – because of course knowledgeable woman in the old times had to be bad, which lines up nicely with the „we are the daughters of the witches you did not burn narratives”. So yeah – agile and witches – sounds exactly like my kind of fun.

So sit comfortably and I hope you will enjoy a peak into my head 🙂